Duc Tri Nguyen's blog

Cryptography, Rust, NixOS and security.

Duc (Cothan) Nguyen received his Ph.D degree from George Mason University, advised by Prof. Kris Gaj. He conducted his research at Cryptographic Engineer Research Group (CERG GMU), his research interests include designing Post-Quantum Cryptography hardware architecture, and SIMD implementation of PQC candidates. Before his Ph.D., he participated in many CTF competitions and won several national and international prizes, his tasks were to implement relevant cryptographic attack papers during competitions.

Also, he was the founder of Efiens CTF team, Efiens was the top student CTF team in Vietnam at somepoint in the past.


  • Experienced: Cryptography, Network Security, Reverse Engineering, Debugging
  • Hardware: $|$ FPGA: Vivado, Vitis, Vitis-HLS $|$ GPU: OpenACC
  • Software: OpenSSL, BoringSSL, Bazel, IDA, Ghidra, Z3Prover
  • Low-level Programming: x86_64 + AVX2 assembly, ARM + NEON assembly
  • High-level Programming: Rust, C, Python, Go, Bash

Research interests

My Google scholar profile.

  • Post-Quantum Cryptography
  • SIMD Cryptographic Implementation
  • FPGA High Level Synthesis (Xilinx Vitis)


  • 2017 $\to$ 2023, Doctor of Philosophy with Outstanding Academic Achievement, Cryptography Engineering, advised by Prof. Kris Gaj.
  • 2010 $\to$ 2015, BSc in Computer Engineering, Bach Khoa University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Awards & Honors

2021National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Final Round$3^{\text{rd}}$
2021National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Wild Card Round$1^{\text{st}}$
2021Mid Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Regional Final Round$2^{\text{nd}}$
$1^{\text{st}}$ place in SLA service ranking
2021Mid Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Regional Qualify Round$1^{\text{st}}$
2014$\to$2020Participating over 200 Capture The Flag competitions
2020Mid Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Regional Final Round$5^{\text{th}}$
2019International Olympiad in Cryptography$3^{\text{rd}}$
2018International Olympiad in CryptographyDiploma
2017International Olympiad in Cryptography$3^{\text{rd}}$
2016International Olympiad in Cryptography$3^{\text{rd}}$
2016CTFtime.org worldwide ranking: 1st in the world$1^{\text{st}}$/DCUA
2016Hack in the Box Singapore by Facebook, Singapore$4^{\text{th}}$/DCUA
2015Hack In The Box Amsterdam by Beyond Security, Netherland$2^{\text{nd}}$/DCUA
2014National Vietnamese Cyber Security Student Competition by VNISA Vietnam$2^{\text{nd}}$/BKIT-Respawn