Duc Tri Nguyen

Duc Tri Nguyen

Graduate Research Assistant

George Mason University


Duc (Cothan) Nguyen is a graduate research assistant in hardware implementation of Post-Quantum Cryptography in FPGA. His research interest includes designing Post-Quantum Cryptography hardware architecture, applying deep learning to binary analysis, and NEON implementation of multiple PQC candidates. Before his Ph.D., he participated in many CTF competitions and won several national and international prizes, his tasks were to implement relevant cryptographic attack papers during competitions.

Also, he is the founder of Efiens CTF team, the top student CTF team in Vietnam.


  • Post-Quantum Cryptography
  • SIMD Cryptographic Implementation
  • Deep Learning Binary Analysis
  • Capture The Flag
  • High Level Synthesis


  • Ph.D in Hardware Implementation of Post-Quantum Cryptography, 2017-2023

    George Mason University, VA, USA

  • BSc in Computer Engineering, 2015

    Bach Khoa University, Vietnam



PhD Student - Graduate Research Assistant

Cryptographic Engineering Research Group

Sep 2017 – Present Fairfax, VA, USA

FPGA Cryptographic Engineering:

  • Evaluate, benchmark Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) NIST lattice-based candidates
  • Offload time-critical PQC functionality to FPGA
  • Design and Implement High speed Hardware architecture in High-Level-Synthesis
  • Experiment and estimate speed-up result on Software/Hardware Co-design Platform
  • Published Round 1 PQC code: NTRUEncrypt, NTRU-HRSS, NTRU Prime
  • Design high speed, optimal latency hardware architecture for Polynomial Multiplication using Number Theoretic Transform applied to: CRYSTAL-Kyber/Dilithium, NewHope

Implement Post-Quantum Cryptography in NEON SIMD:

  • Contributed to SUPERCOP KEM: NEON implementation of SABER, and NTRU

Binary Analysis:

  • Deep Learning: Resolving disassembler architecture ambiguity using Neural Network
  • Side channel Instruction Counter using Qiling, QEMU

DAGS Submission Team:

  • Round 1 Post-Quantum Cryptography Competitions held by NIST

Operation Security Internship

VNG Corporation

Dec 2014 – Apr 2015 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Responsibilities include:

  • Tracked and monitored security events
  • Detected and responded to abnormal activities and behavior of sophisticated malware


Post-Quantum Cryptography Contributor

Contribute 2 Finalist Post-Quantum Cryptography: NEON-SABER, NEON-NTRU Implementation to SUPERCOP

Cryptography: Foundations and New Directions

High-Speed Cryptography, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Discrete Log Problem, Provable Security

Lattices and applications to cryptography and coding theory

Number theory, Lattices and Cryptography, Elliptic Curve and Cryptography.

Machine Learning

Multivariate Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression, Gradient Descent, Cost Function, Evaluating a Hypothesis, Model selection and Train/Validation/Test Sets, Learning Curve.

Cryptography 1

Discrete Probability, Attacking Linear Pseudo Random Generator, Attacking modes of operation of block ciphers, HMAC, Key Exchange, Public Key Cryptography


Deep Learning Instruction Set Architecture Classifier

Deep Learning Instruction Set Architecture Classifier Given binary blob, this classifier can identify its architecture by 93% accuracy.


ARMv8 NEON Keccak SHA3 Implementation


Accelerate NEON KYBER by 90% compare to Reference Code


NEON NTRU speedup is 26-37 times compare to Reference C code


Accelerate NEON SABER by 3x compare to Reference C code

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