• Pragmatic High-speed Applied Cryptographic Engineering

  • 4 times Olympiad in Cryptography Winner

  • Proven track records in Security Competition

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2017.09 - Present
Fairfax, VA, USA

HCMUT University of Technology

B.S. in Computer Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering

2010.09 - 2015.11
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Fast NEON-based multiplication for lattice-based NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography finalists
*Duc Tri Nguyen, and Kris Gaj
Twelfth International Conference on Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQCrypto 2021)

Optimized Software Implementations of CRYSTALS-Kyber, NTRU, and Saber Using NEON-Based Special Instructions of ARMv8
*Duc Tri Nguyen, and Kris Gaj
NIST 3rd PQC Standardization Conference (NIST PQC 2021)

HLS in Implementing and Benchmarking NTT in Lattice-based Post-Quantum Cryptography using SW/HW Codesign
*Duc Tri Nguyen, Viet B. Dang, and Kris Gaj
International Symposium on Applied Reconfigurable Computing (ARC 2020)

A HLS Approach to the SW/HW Codesign of NTT-based Post-Quantum Cryptography Algorithms
*Duc Tri Nguyen, Viet B. Dang, Kris Gaj
International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology (FPT 2019)

SW/HW Codesign of the Post-Quantum Cryptography Algorithm NTRUEncrypt Using HLS and RTL Design Methodologies
Farnoud Farahmand, *Duc Tri Nguyen, Viet B. Dang, Ahmed Ferozpuri, Kris Gaj
International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL 2019)

DAGS: Reloaded Revisiting Dyadic Key Encapsulation
Gustavo Banegas et al.
Code-Based Cryptography 2019 (CBC 2019)

Evaluating the Potential for Hardware Acceleration of Four NTRU-Based Key Encapsulation Mechanisms Using SW/HW Codesign
Farnoud Farahmand, Viet B. Dang, *Duc Tri Nguyen, Kris Gaj
International Conference on Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC 2019)


GE Global Research

Controls & Optimization Technology Domain
Research Intern

2021.05 - 2021.08

Graduate course Guest lecturer at George Mason University

Vitis High-Level Synthesis Training in ECE615 Software/Hardware Codesign
Guest Lecturer


VNG Corporation

Operation Security Internship
Incident Response Intern

2014.12 - 2015.04


Experienced Hardware Design, Cryptography, Reverse Engineering


ARMv8, NEON, x86_64, AVX2


Python, C/C++, Bash, Verilog, VHDL, Tcl


IDA, Ghidra, Z3Prover, Radare2


FPGA: Xilinx Vitis | GPU: OpenACC


Z3Prover, SageMath, Pwntools

Honors & Awards

International Students' Olympiad in Cryptography

NSUCrypto Professional Round 2019
December 2nd 2019


NSUCrypto Professional Round 2018
December 3rd 2018

NSUCrypto Professional Round 2017
December 21st 2017


NSUCrypto Professional Round 2016
An answer to one of the problems nominated as a best solution
December 14th 2016


Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition

National CCDC 2021


National CCDC 2021 Wildcard


MACCDC 2021 Regional Final Round
1st place in Services, April 2021__


MACCDC 2021 Regional Qual Round
1st place in Services, February 2021__


MACCDC 2020 Regional Final Round
Tied 1st place in Services, April 2020


MACCDC 2020 Regional Qual Round
1st place in Services, March 2020

Capture The Flag

MetaCTF 2020
University of Viginia, VA, USA

2nd / Debugmen

PatriotCTF 2020
George Mason University, VA, USA

3rd / Efiens

University of Viginia, VA, USA

4th / MasonCC

University of Viginia, VA, USA

1st / BackToBack

Pros Vs Joes 2019
BSides DC, Washington DC, USA

2nd / Honk_Honk_Honk

VTSummit 2019
Virginia Tech - VA, USA

1st / MasonCC

UMBC Cyber Dawgs 2019
University of Maryland - MD, USA

2nd / MasonCC

2016 CTF Worldwide Team Ranking
1st in the world

1st / DCUA

CSAW Finalist 2016
NYU Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

1st / DCUA

ASIS Final Round 2016
Iran Cyber Security Contest

1st / DCUA

Hack in the Box Singapore 2016
Facebook, Singapore

4th / DCUA

HITB CTF Amsterdam 2015
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2nd / DCUA

National Cyber Security 2014
VNISA, Vietnam

2nd / BKIT-Respawn



I am founder of Efiens Security club. Efiens club is where computer security enthusiasts unified, we focus on modern security topic in many areas such as Cryptography, Binary Exploitation, Reverse Engineering, Web Exploitation, Hardware and High Speed Computing. Efiens Blog and Efiens CTFTime Ranking, and Efiens Achievement