Reading List in Feb 2021

A collection of my interesting blogs, talks, researches I read in a month

My reading list Feb 2021


  • A visual guide to SSH tunnels: I use SSH for long, but I nerver sit down and wrap my head around how remote port forwarding work. This visual guide is so helpful.


Software Defined Radio

I see there is slim a possibility to catch IMSI catcher criminals. There are not many people interest in hardware hacking and software-defined radio, so I think the local security enthusiastists are kinda unfriendly to this kind of criminals.

Mark my words, if they (the police) can’t catch them today, the number of criminals in this area will be multiplied rapidly in the next few years.

Computer Performance

  • Performance Engineering of Software System: Useful resources. I’ve read next 4 chapters:

    • C to Assembly: This chapter introduce LLVM IR. If I ever see LLVM IR in CTF, I should just compile it to binary and decompile it using IDA.

    • Multicores programming: This chapter introduces openMP and, clik. Note to myself: always use abstract API like openMP or clik to do multicores programming. The underlying race hurt parallelism a lot.

    • Races and Parallelism: This chapter show how races condition affect parallelism, and demonstrate that clik runtime can solve the problem provably.

    • Parallel Algorithm: This chapter gives examples of parallel merge sort and matrix multiplication with clik. For the analysis, I don’t bother understand them since I don’t need them right now.

    • What compiler cannot do: Useful insight how Clang compiler can optimize by looking at LLVM IR. Two keywords mean a lot to compiler: restrict and consts

  • Performance Counter Cortex-A9: I plan to use PMU in my course work. I guess embed the ASM will work.

Duc Tri Nguyen
Duc Tri Nguyen
Graduate Research Assistant

My research interests include implementation of Post-Quantum Cryptography using High Level Synthesis in FPGA and NEON instruction in ARM platform, beside, sometimes I play CTFs, Crypto and Reverse Engineering are my favorite categories.