Reading List in Jan 2021

A collection of my interesting blogs, talks, researches I read in a month

My reading list in Jan 2021





  • Veripal: They provide VSCode extension and nice diagrams, I think I should write a blogpost about cryptohack challenge with Veripal.

Computer Performance

  • Performance Engineering of Software System: Useful resources. I’ve read first 4 chapters:

    • Matrix Multiplication: cilk_for as parallel loops. Rule of thumbs: Parallize outer loops rather than inner loops.

    • Bently Rules: These rules are useful, for example the one I used to use: Eliminating wasted iterations, Creating a fast path, Augmentation, Precomputation.

    • Bit Hacks: I love this chapter very much.

    • Architectural Improvements: I already know assembly, so the AVX2 and architecture are useful. Most of the present techniques are support by compiler. So I don’t know learning Out-of-order execution and Register renaming are useful at all.

Duc Tri Nguyen
Duc Tri Nguyen
Graduate Research Assistant

My research interests include implementation of Post-Quantum Cryptography using High Level Synthesis in FPGA and NEON instruction in ARM platform, beside, sometimes I play CTFs, Crypto and Reverse Engineering are my favorite categories.