Reading List June 2021

My reading list June 2021


  • Verkle trees: The new Verkle trees, not only apply to Ethereum, but in general a contribution to the block chain research. I hope there will more cryptanalysis on this new approach. Anyway, moving from Proof-of-work to proof-of-value must be the only way to go.

  • LibQOS: I will try to submit my PQC_NEON implementation to this library. I hope my code will be used by million people.

  • TFHE: Origin from the best paper awards in AsiaCrypt 2016 (I was there). Now the TFHE is adopted by Google. Thus, I bet there will be a ton of hardware engineer to make TFHE work in real life. The privacy-reserving will never fly without hardware accelerator or specific processor.

  • Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) C++ Transpiler: Another link is here:

  • History of attack on Cryptography: A good reads, for example if you want to look for overview of an attack which might apply to a CTF problem, read this.


  • ARM Instrinsics: Finally, ARM replace their laggy search interface to a new search interface. I like it.



Career advice

Useful tools

  • PyWhat: Identify anything. A new file command.
  • Github Copilot: Code generation by Github Copilot. And now, software is become cheaper. :))
Duc Tri Nguyen
Duc Tri Nguyen
Graduate Research Assistant

My research interests include implementation of Post-Quantum Cryptography using High Level Synthesis in FPGA and NEON instruction in ARM platform, beside, sometimes I play CTFs, Crypto and Reverse Engineering are my favorite categories.